today I feel well,
everywhere but my head.
for there is a consistent ache
of unfulfilled desires
disappointment in myself.
this is different than no other day.

  • Name: emily~
  • Height: 5’ 5”
  • Relationship status: no haha h a h a
  • Birthday: may 9th!
  • Favorite color: idk like a blue/purple mix??
  • Favorite band: all time low
  • Last song listened: my understandings - of mice & men
  • Favorite movie: i dont really watch movies uhm im gonna go with perks of being a wallflower or like harry potter man idk

there’s something about

the feelings you get on a

warm night

when the hair on your arms

stands up

and dances with the breeze

and you feel

maybe just a bit

once when I was in preschool we were talking about the president who at that time was george w bush and so I was all ‘my daddy said that george bush is a wiener’ and they held a parent meeting after class and I have never seen my dad so embarrassed

literally the worst thing ever is when you used to be great friends with someone and your friendship kind of faded like nothing bad happened but you don’t talk anymore you just kind of smile and wave at them when you pass them and all you want is to be friends again but you just don’t know how and they probably don’t either so you just stay like that forever

so I’m getting really sick of people at school thinking I’m gay like I AM SO STRAIGHT GUYS I LOVE GUYS and I mean I probably won’t get asked to prom this or next year or even have any guy interested in me because they all think I’m a lesbian and like I really just want to meet someone good and not judgmental and life is kinda crap today lets be real

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