Blaine Anderson Appreciation Week - Day 2: favorite blaine quote

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We definitely adjust a characters costume choices if we feel they would be affected by a scripted comment or event. Any emotional nuance we try to accentuate with the costume. When Kurt was trying to connect with Burt, and felt he needed to be more “manly” we did Kurt’s fashion take on what he would think of as “manly” clothing. In episode 403, Sam suggests that Blaine loose the bow tie for the high school presidential debate. After his success without the bow tie, we significantly reduced the number of bow ties he wears per episode. We try to stay focused on the character and the decisions they would make.

—Elizabeth Martucci, Glee costume designer, in an outtake from my Tumblr Storyboard “Fashion of” piece where the Glee costume department addresses Blaine and his lack of bowties, especially after Santana critiques him wearing them (theory here) and relevant in that since I asked this question Blaine has been anti-bowtie because of Sam’s suggestion…

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