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Welcome to Dalton University one of the most prestigious private universities in the Midwestern region. Famous for their singers and their education system the school attracts the best of the best. Considered the Julliard of the Midwest, thousands apply for only a few coveted spots in the infamous arts program; unfortunately few get accepted. While everything looks like typical college experience there is that undercurrent, the undercurrent of what people keep hidden and tucked away. Everyone has their secrets; some are just kept hidden better than others. Will the students of such a public place be able to keep their private lives under wraps? Or will they succumb to the constant pressures of paparazzi, parents, teachers and other students? Find Out. This is a FACEBOOK based RP.

Characters for a Dalton based facebook rp are wanted and needed. Originals from the show and OC characters are all welcome.

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i wanna write some glee klaine/seblaine/kurtbastian/seklaine/anderbros/coopbastian drabbles oooo so yeah put some things in my ask C: mwahaha.


A Glee/Dalton roleplay that I’m in is in desperate need of new characters! OC’s and canon Warblers are accepted, as well as girl character OC’s that attend a girl’s private school. It’s a Facebook roleplay, and we’re in desperate need of your help and it’d be great if you joined. Message me for details and character information.